What can Cloud Marketing do for my business?

We present your business using the online medium Facebook.com, which is currently the worlds largest social networking site with over 1.2 billion users worldwide.
Using advanced demographics, we search under age, gender, location, marital status and much more to create a specific audience to present your business to.
Our in-house design team will create your advert for you, upon completion your business will be launched live on Facebook within 48 working hours.
Your business will then be presented to your chosen demographic audience for a minimum of 28 days.
What is Facebook?
Facebook is a social networking site launched in 2004 with over 1.2 billion users worldwide with 40 million in the UK and Ireland alone.  It allows users to connect and socially network with businesses and each other. 
What does targeted advertising mean?
Put simply, using demographics we can set advertisements to reach consumers based on various traits such as age, gender, location, marital status and much more. We can also target specific groups that would be interested in your services/products.
The term ‘impressions’, what does this mean?
Impression are how many times your exact target audience has been presented with your advertisement on Facebook. So the more times your advert is shown on Facebook the more traffic this will generate to your website, which ultimately equals more new business created.
I’ve used online advertising before, why is this different?
There are  few guarantees with any online advertising, However Facebook separates itself from the crowd. There are many reasons why Facebook is crucial marketing platform for your business. It not only proactively presents your business to your exact customer profile but it also this with very little or no competition.
What information do I need to provide you with to get my advert live?
A member of our sales team will require basic details at the point of sale, which include your website address, email address, and contact telephone numbers. Our copywriters will then advise what you need to include in your advert with regards to headline text, photograph, and body text , to ensure your advert stands out on Facebook.


What will my Facebook adverts look like?

Facebook adverts have to engage your target audience. So each advert appears on the ad banner on the right of each users page. Each advert has an attention grabbing headline and a graphic (we can use any graphic) along with body text which details your products/services. We can also include special offers which will entice people to click on your advert.


Can I make changes to the advert once it’s created?

Yes, Cloud Marketing is a professional company, with over 10 years experience in online marketing, we have a dedicated team of people who can make alterations to your advert for you at any time and completely free of charge.


Do you only offer pay per month packages?

If you would prefer your campaign to run over 6-12 months please contact one of our senior sales managers who will be happy to discuss a pay upfront solution and organise an excellent discount for our service. After all, our success is only determined by building long lasting business relationships and this is our number one priority. When you choose to market with us we have the ability to add other services to your account at a low one off fee for the lifetime of your business.


What other services can Cloud Marketing do?

There are several ways to optimise your business, including a Facebook business page or a Facebook business search. You are welcome to contact us to discuss these and other options available to you.


I need to change my demographics for my advert, who deals with that?

Our customer services team will be on hand to deal with any changes for you.


I need a website with my advert can you help me with this?

Yes we can offer various website packages, we can put you in touch with our in house graphic designers who will be happy discuss your requirements.


I have a question which is not listed here, who do I contact?

Simply telephone or email our customer service department, between 10-4pm for any queries regarding your account. All contact details are listed below.

Frequently Asked Questions