Terms & Conditions


Top Dog Marketing Limited  will always be referred to as the seller and the company/business or individual will be referred to as the buyer. Top Dog Marketing Limited will guarantee to create and advertise an online advertisement through Facebook.com based on the demographic information chosen at the point of sale. Once payment has been accepted and the buyer has read and agreed to the terms and conditions or the advert has been put live the contract has started and buyer agrees with all cost and click cost that will be added on to the account. The contract will automatically renew in a 4, weeks cycle from the date your advert goes live, unless there has been a cancellation request via email.  If the payment date falls on a bank holiday or a weekend, the payment will be taken the day before. Every 4 weeks thereafter is a rolling 4 weekly agreement which requires a 7 day cancellation notice from when the renewal payment has been taken, via email.  The buyers advertisement will be activated within 14 day's from the point of sale unless the seller or the buyer have otherwise specified different arrangements. If we cannot contact you within 14 day's of the initial sale, then the advert will be automatically designed for you and launched live on Facebook.com. Your billing descriptor will show up as "ALW*cloudmarketing44203318834 . The advertisement provided by the seller will follow the policies and guidelines stipulated by Facebook.  For more information on Facebook’s latest guidelines on advertising you can go to Facebook.com. Top Dog Marketing Limited will not be held responsible for any issues regarding the copyright on the adverts created on behalf of the buyer which have been taken with the permission and supplied by the buyer or any other source which is authorised by the buyer to be included in the advertisement. If at any point through the length of your advertising with ourselves you accept a special offer or a promotional price to your contract it will then stay at the price that you agreed at the point of sale. You will receive an email to confirm the price and the length of the agreement. If you wish to cancel your contract after this point and you are outside the cancellation term of 7 days you must then pay the full amount which will have been confirmed to you by email. After a trial period, the price of your advert will go up to the website price. As soon as the advert goes live on Facebook.com you have automatically agree to these T&Cs.


The Buyer will be liable for any cost per click from any advert from Facebook.com or Instagram.

The salesperson will tell the buyer at point of sale how much the impression rate will be and the click cost. if the buyer is unsure please call us or email us. Once the advert goes live you agree to these terms.

The cost per clicks can be charge to the buyer when the seller seems fit. This payment will be taken from the card details you have give us.



From day one of your advert going live onto Facebook the contract can be cancelled immediately at any time within your first month. Notice of cancellation must be given before the end of the period, otherwise the next payment will be taken. Every 4 weeks thereafter is a rolling monthly agreement which requires a 7 day cancellation notice via email, this has to made within 7 days from when the renewal payment has been made. For cancellations please email customerservice@cloudmarketing.expert If you wish to cancel and there is an outstanding balance on your account then this must be paid before we can action the cancellation. We only accept cancellation via email from the client at any period of the term with Cloud Marketing. All terms & conditions apply for special deals and promotions or add-ons.  If you cancel and chargeback occurs via your cardholder or if any payments are outstanding on your account for more than 7 days of the cancellation of the agreement, then outstanding monies or chargeback from card will incur a £45 charge and this will be passed to our debt collection agency. 



If the buyer requests the advert to be paused the seller will take a month’s payment until the buyer requests the advert to go live again. Adverts will be paused and brought offline immediately if payment has not been made by the buyer and once the payment has been received the advert will be live within 48 hours of payment, also the 28 day agreement will still be rolling and active while the advert has been paused through non-payment. The impressions guarantee is based on the package the buyer has selected.  Impressions are based on the area, gender and age, and this could affect the amount of guaranteed impressions available.



If the advert has not gone live then the buyer may be entitled to a refund in part or in full from the first payment, this can depend on the price that you have paid for your advertising.  If the advertisement has already gone live then no refund will be due.  Refunds have to requested within 7 days from the date of entering into contract via email. If in the event you have requested any extra products (search terms, groups, pages) and they have gone live then no refund will be due.  Refunds can take up to 28 days. If you have a complaint please email customerservice@cloudmarketing.expert